Blissful Journey Day Spa  - 114 West Corbin Street, Hillsborough N.C.

Back Facial – 1 hr $70
This treatment begins with a purifying cleanse followed by a gentle exfoliation. A therapeutic massage is incorporated to stimulate lymph drainage. Notice immediate results as this massage alleviates water retention and encourages your body to flush out any toxins. Finally, a detoxifying mask is layered on the back with soothing warm towels. A stimulating foot massage is also included with the session. What better way to replenish yourself?
Ultimate Cellulite Treatment – 55 mins $70 | 3 for $195
This treatment helps remove stored deposits of waste and trapped fluids that accumulate in soft, fatty areas under the skin causing cellulite. Absorbent volcanic ash clay mask has microscopic particles that penetrate into the skin, drawing out damaging toxins and impurities. The results are visibly smoother, tighter-looking thighs and buttocks. Advanced massage cupping therapy included. Recommended in a series of treatments for best results.

Body Wrap – 75 mins $95
Volcanic ash is a totally organic compound. This is an excellent treatment used to draw out impurities, stimulate blood circulation, relieve muscular aches, remove dead skin cells, and reduce water retention and tension. Warm towels are used to remove the volcanic ash. This treatment is complete with a moisturizer.