Blissful Journey Day Spa  - 114 West Corbin Street, Hillsborough N.C.
Cellulite Compression Therapy 

Using the Balancer: 
      The Balancer is a multi-purpose innovative device produced by the manufacturers of the lympha Press products widely known for their effectiveness in the treatment of lymphatic and venous disorders. The action of the Balancer aids in the removal of excess intentional waste fluids, accelerates venous and lymphatic return, and promotes total body relaxation for general overall well being.

Using the Balancer regularly helps to:   
Relieve leg pain due to obesity and hard work.
   Interrupt the accumulation of cellulite.     
 Prevent development of cellulite.    
Prevent and treat varicose veins.   
     Reduce limb and body swelling.   
     Shape legs, buttocks, and belly.  

 $35 per session 
     $90 Package of Three
$150 Package of Six
     $30 when included with 1 hour facial