Blissful Journey Day Spa  - 114 West Corbin Street, Hillsborough N.C.
Hydrotherapy Massage

                                                             What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a massage given by a powerful spa pump sending water through 7 jets.  There are 3 jets in the spine region, and 2 under each leg.  The upper most jet attends specifically to the neck area, an area neglected by competitor brands.  Each jet expertly kneads the entire surface of the body.

Hydrotherapy Benefits:
  •  Relaxation
  •  Healing
  •  Improved cellular nutrition
  •  Reduced stress

30 Minute HydroTherapy with Guided Meditation 
& Relaxing Essesnital Oil Foot Massage

Full Body Therapeutic Qualities:
  • Stimulates the benefits of meditation
  •  Calms the mind and body
  •  Shifts users focus to the deep penetrating action of the massaging water
  •  Whirling jets direct powerful waves of water 
  •  Provides you with tension releasing message therapy 
Radiant Heat:
  •   Soothes and dilates blood vessels
  •  Speeds healing
  •  Relaxes spasmodic muscles
  • Offers pain relief


30 Minute Session:
1 for $25
2 for $40
3 for $50
1 Hour Session:
1 for $40
2 for $60
3 for $75
Combine one of the following services to a 30 minute hydrotherapy massage session for $50:
30 Min Foot Detox
30 Min Lymphatic Machine
30 Min Infrared Sauna
Combine a signature facial simultaneously with the hydrotherapy:
30 Minutes for $70
60 Minutes for $100