Blissful Journey Day Spa  - 114 West Corbin Street, Hillsborough N.C.

Lila Kirk is a certified hypnotherapist and a member of the International association of Counselors and Therapists.  She offers a client centered approach which helps people go within themselves to discover blocks that are holding them back from acheiving their goals.  Lilas desire is to empower her clients by helping them discover the answers which already lie within themselves.  Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective, and drug-free tool which provides a means of solving problems and making positive changes in lives.  Most any issue in life can be addressed with hypnotherapy.

What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a profound state of relaxation, focus of mind, and stimulated sensory  awareness directed towards a specific goal. It is achieved when hypnotic techniques allow the client‘s brain waves to reach the level of alpha or below. We frequently pass in and out of this state without realizing it- for instance while daydreaming, and right before falling asleep.

What is a session like?
After filling out an intake form and discussing your goals for hypnotherapy, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation. Even in this dream-like state you will remain alert, ability to speak, and will be open to positive suggestions. You can reject any suggestions that don’t feel comfortable for you. After the session you will emerge refreshed and ready to incorporate into your life the positive suggestions from the session.

Stress Management
Stress depletes our energy and can contribute to the disease process. Hypnotherapy allows the client an outlet for stress along with fresh perspective and tools for managing stressful feelings and coping with difficult situations in their lives. Hypnotherapy can aid with sounder sleep, lowered blood pressure, and pain reduction.

Unwanted habits and fears
Hypnotherapy can help erase the old tapes from the past which you play in your head. Redirecting your thoughts into a new and positive pattern can change the direction of your life, allowing you to move toward the achievement of your goals.

*Grief Management
*Public Speaking
*Fears and Phobias
*Career Goals
*Anger Management
*Improving study habits
*Pain reduction
*Dealing with change

*Smoking Cessation  Rate:  $280.00 (first session is 2 hours -you will quit smoking after only one session;also included in this rate is 1 reinforcement session) 

*Weight Loss Rate:  $380- ( 3 sessions, plus one reinforcement session)

All  individual sessions are one and a half hours at $100