Blissful Journey Day Spa  - 114 West Corbin Street, Hillsborough N.C.


Eyebrows          $12                Toes                        $5   
Lips                      $9                Lower Arms          $25
Chin                     $7-9             Full Arms              $40
Cheeks                $10               Underarms           $20
Back                    $55&up       Lower Legs           $40
Stomach Line   $10               Full Legs               $70
Neck                    $10                Bikini                     $45
Chest                   $40&up       Brazilian               $70 (ladies) $80 (gents)
Shoulders          $20               Fingers                    $5
 Prices subject to change on an individual basis

Helpful waxing hints:
  • We recommend hair growth 2-3 weeks prior to your treatment.
  • Please do not tweeze unwanted hair (except eyebrow area) as it will cause larger pores and thicker, courser hair growth (stubble).
  • Waxing over a period of time will thin out and create less hair in unwanted areas.
  • Please let your Esthetician know of any chemical depilatories you use or topical/oral medications you may be taking.
  • AHA's Renova, Retin-A Differin, Cleocin-T, Benzemycin, Clindegel, Tretinoin, Gylcolies, Microdermabrasion (must not apply 10 days prior to waxing or 10 days after waxing.)