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Jenni Meraki

Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer &

Certified Master Trainer for the Creative Insight Journey.  

Intuitive Coaching: 1hr/ $88

Intuitive coaching delves deep into the energy behind your growth and success. Energy comes first, and that’s why intuitive coaching is so transformative. Learn to see and work with where you are on your soul's journey. Intuitive coaching can be booked as an individual session or part of a 3-month program. 

Energy Healing: 1hr/ $77

Holistic Energy Healing, or Energy Medicine, is the science of healing naturally and working with the energy body. Holistic Energy Healing can include many different modalities such as Reiki and is an important approach to treat the whole person, mind, body & spirit. 

Spiritual Connection: 1hr/$88

Receive healing and guidance from those in spirit.

Did you know you have spiritual guides and loved ones in spirit who are here to help you in your life now?

For more information or to book an appointment please contact Jenni at

Book online at

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