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Z-fire is the vision of a Scandinavian raised and Award-winning Jewlery Designer who received her training in Germany. During her Goldsmith Training years and work in Europe, she worked under and alongside German, Austrian, and Swiss Masters. Due to her eye for detail and Patience most of her assignments became custom jobs as a goldsmith employee.

She loves working with customers and their ideas, wishes, and designs and seeing them come to life.

Z stands for Zen- As is enlightenment by direct intuition through meditation, or to express a moment where the mind is free to let the body create.


FIRE stands for the alchemical symbol- as a catalyst to both initiating and completing esoteric demonstrations. It is also a symbol for renaissance and energy, transmitting the old and bringing in the new, fresh, and positive.


Z-fire draws inspiration from the realm of mindfulness and spirituality. Anything between the earth and the stars and specially curious about the ancient cultures and artifacts

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