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Aroma Shapes Techniques (See Testimonials Below)

Blissful Journey is proud to announce that we are the first Day Spa on the East Coast to present the Aroma Shapes Technique!!! Aroma Shapes is a hands-on technique that can help detoxify and reshape your body without having to use surgery, machines, or drugs. Along with the use of Young Living Essential Oils that are massaged into your body, you will learn and use a controlled breathing technique. Did you know that fat cells can become inflated up to 1,000 times their normal size when carbon dioxide is present in the body? Through controlled breathing and calculated massage strokes, your body will release trapped carbon dioxide which allows your body better access to trapped fat cells that will promote weight loss and can result in immediate and measurable inch loss.  

How Carbon Dioxide can become trapped in the body: 

·Drinking Soda and/or carbonated beverages

·Eating popcorn, melted cheese, and black pepper

·Holding in gases that need to be released (belching/flatulence)

·Not breathing deeply (shallow breathing)

·Chewing gum

·Swallowing air

Aroma Shapes may assist with:  

·Reshaping your body: reduce inches in minutes and maintain inch reduction
·Helps to alkalize your body to assist with weight loss
·Reduce swelling in your legs and ankles once and for all
·Release the extra weight around the abdomen that’s not just hormonal weight gain in just a few weeks
·Helps relieve pain caused by internal pressure
·Relief of constipation
·Break through the barriers that have kept you from releasing weight in the past
·Frequent bloating

Aroma Shapes has a secret weapon

-the aromatic power of Kosher, Certified therapeutic grade essential oils -


$350 for 3 sessions

of Aroma Shapes Technique

Plus a Body Wrap


Here’s what people are saying about Aroma Shapes:  

 I had been working out regularly and getting results everywhere but my stomach. I was skeptical about Aroma Shapes but decided to give it a try. Three measurements were taken from my abdomen before the application. As the Essential Oils were applied and the process began, I could feel the difference right away. After the session, the tape measure showed that I had reduced by 2 ½ inches in my waist alone! When I put on my slacks, I had to tighten my belt two notches. I was quite impressed! The basic protocol for home is easy and I have released seven pounds this week. I can’t wait for my next session! – Richard L. My boyfriend and I are going on a cruise and I wanted to get rid of the cellulite I had on the back of my thighs. I was amazed that the first treatment made so much difference and now that I have finished the series of three I am actually very excited about Aroma Shapes. My legs look great and it has made such an improvement with so little time and effort. I have been telling my friends and family about it! – Angela B 

I am 21 and in good physical shape but had a little extra weight around the middle that I couldn't seem to get rid of. When I decided to try Aroma Shapes, I was very happy with the results. With the first treatment, I reduced by one inch from the chest, waist, and lower abdomen. I have since quit drinking carbonated beverages and it has not returned. – Lee S. 

 After my first Aroma Shapes session, I had reduced by a total of six inches and there was a significant difference in the way the tissue felt in my abdomen and thighs. I could definitely see the difference in my body shape. The second session I lost another three inches for a total of nine inches! I have maintained the looseness of clothing. I have the feeling of being softer. I am not bloated like I was before. Ankles have been noticeably smaller and not as swollen as they had been. By the third session, co-workers started commenting on how good I look and how much weight I have lost! – Jan D. 

 My massage therapist introduced me to Aroma Shapes and I was AMAZED! During the session, I was skeptical of what the result would really be. Afterward I was astonished as to how many inches I lost in every area she worked! My clothes were much looser and I felt great. I felt light and energized. I would highly recommend this treatment for “inch loss”! – Sandy N

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