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About the Blissful Journey Team 

Jacqueline J. Muench 

IMG_0880 (1)_edited.jpg

Owner/Esthetician/Permanent Make-Up Artist

Jacqueline specializes in all types of facials. She has been practicing permanent cosmetics since 2002. She started her career in New York where she worked with plastic surgeons and Laser Hair Removal Centers. She believes in creating customized home skincare regimens to maintain healthy beautiful skin. She has helped many clients with problematic skin types. She realizes that diet, age, and hormonal issues all play a very important role and addresses those issues individually. Her passion for learning shows in her work. She believes in educating her clients so that they have a better understanding of their skin and why product knowledge is so important. There are many harmful ingredients in many high-end and low-end skincare lines. She feels that integrity and comparison of skin-care products are always important. Her healing hands revitalize your skin and provide much-needed relief to stressed muscles. She believes that stress plays a major role in aging and the decline of your body. Each session is designed to help each individual relax deeply so that the healing process can occur inside the body at a deep accelerated rate. This form of healing radiates to the outside body. Each personalized session will leave you feeling beautiful inside and out. She comes highly recommended by her clients and educational teachers. Call her today and make a commitment to healthier skin.    

Vickie Giangregorio

P.T., L.M.B.T

LMBT #8740 Massage, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Energy Healing, Reiki, Lymphatic Balancing, Physical Therapy #P10504

Vickie is available to offer you the best of both worlds combining her comprehensive knowledge and experience since 1990 as a Physical Therapist and as a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist since 2000. Through her unique set of skills and experience, she is able to integrate soft/deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, acupressure as well as other manual techniques to address and customize a massage to meet your desired needs whether it be relaxation, stress relief, or treatment due to musculoskeletal pain. In addition, Vickie is proficient in energy work including Quantum Crystalline Energy and Reiki, to assist you to a place of balance, a path to open your heart and mind to experience a magnificent unfolding of you. 

Latoya Pettiford

Esthetician & Eyelash Extensionist

Latoya is a meticulous and detail-oriented licensed esthetician, professional makeup artist, and photographer.

She has more than 12 years of experience in the beauty industry and uses her retail and customer service experience to cultivate lasting relationships with new and old clients to exceed their expectations every time she touches their faces or snaps a photograph. She has a passion for bridal and editorial makeup and loves to shoot glamorous portraits. Her favorite esthetic services to provide are full body waxing, individual mink lash extensions, and goal-oriented customized facials. She understands that the personal connection strengthens trust between provider and client, so consultations about expectations of services are very important to her.

​She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, is a cigar enthusiast, and loves a good glass of dry red wine. She is quite the introvert but is a true humanitarian and a major mental health advocate.

Instagram @ToyMakesFaces


Terri Alessi Edmiston 

NCLMBT 04211

Terri Alessi Edmiston is Nationally Certified for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Therapy. She graduated from the North Carolina School of Natural Healing in October 2003. Her practice includes but is not limited to Neuromuscular Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Hot Palms, and is an Energy Medicine Practitioner. Her massage has been described as very eclectic. She skillfully moves in and out of different modalities to provide clients with the best care possible. It is said, “When The Body Relaxes, The Healing Begins.”


Terri offers her Signature Massage that is a 60 Minute Massage that includes Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Hot Palms (Oatmeal Packs), Hot Towel, and Cranial Sacral Release as well as Reflexology Zone Therapy and Shiatsu Techniques. Designed to get you out of pain cycles and allow the body to rest and release. 60 minutes @ $85.00

90 minutes@ 120.00



Lila Kirk, LMBT

Massage Therapist, NC License #312

 Lila Kirk has been a state and nationally certified massage therapist since 1998. She graduated from the Carolina School of Massage Therapy and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, and has completed training as a Reiki Master. Lila's practice is built upon enabling her clients to promote their own wellness program by tailoring her massage to fit each person's individual needs. Her work encompasses everything from gentle relaxation massage to a deeper or more specific massage for pain relief and post-surgery rehabilitation. Lila realizes her clients may need very different approaches depending upon the day and what it presents to them both emotionally and physically. She incorporates intuitive energy work into her sessions, having been trained in Reiki and Polarity Therapy. A sample of the modalities Lila offers is Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, energy work, reflexology, and hot stone massage. Lila's goal is to create a space where her clients feel safe, respected, and listened to. She understands such an environment will provide clients a greater ability to tap into their own inner potential for healing and relaxation. 

Faith Kurdi

Licensed Electrologist, #E-329

Faith is a mother of two college graduates as of May 2020. With a background in administrative work, she was a stay-at-home mother for 19 years before beginning her education and experience in the spa and wellness field, now serving others for over 9 years. She's enjoyed the experience as a permanent make-up artist and is currently a licensed Nail Tech for geriatric and spa pedicures as well as a licensed electrologist. She sings gospel and country music at senior venues for enjoyment and has three little rescue dogs.

Susannah Perry

Screenshot_20230710_180356_Photos_72215381699273 (1).jpg

LMBT #5773

Relaxation and stress management is my passion and specialty. I love helping people ease their stress by getting them deeply relaxed. I started this amazing career when I was 30. I went to a wonderful massage school called the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Therapy. I received my cosmetology license at Avada Institute. I am always studying and doing research on what high end spas do that take an average massage & facial and make it uniquely and truly amazing. I want my clients to go out into the world so much more relaxed and peaceful all around with a feeling of serenity. Go ahead and spoil yourself. You deserve it! You will float away and enjoy the rest of your day!


 Sarah Stack


I strive to help both my clients and my students not just survive, but to thrive in our stressful world.  I truly believe in the power and importance of rest and stillness in order to find healing.  I aspire to make a difference in the well-being of myself and everyone, no matter what that means for them. I am committed to helping people begin a conversation between their bodies,  no matter what it looks like, and their minds.
Beyond bodywork, I have a background in yoga, meditation, dance, and embodied movement. Living in my larger body and working to heal my whole self while living with a chronic illness deeply inform my work. 
I am LGBTQIA+ friendly and believe that all bodies deserve love and joy.



Charlotte (Cat)  T.

Hello My Name Is Charlotte. I relocated to North Carolina in 2016,  since then Ive cherished every enriching moment. Having grown up amidst the hustle and bustle of Seattle, I sought a more serene environment as an adult, finding in North Carolina a place to lay down roots and expand.
My family hails from the picturesque Polynesian islands, specifically Samoa, with my father being part of a vibrant family of 13. Raised amidst 9 nurturing aunties, I imbibed the rich Polynesian ethos of laughter, diligence, and respect, always grounded in gratitude for life's blessings.
My vision is to offer a sanctuary for those seeking respite from life's hectic pace, where they can immerse themselves in a rejuvenating experience that nurtures both body and mind. My focus on prioritizing mental and physical well-being, that true success begins with self-care. I look forward to meeting every single beautiful so that I am aligned with and I cannot wait to continue my education in this field to bring more exciting opportunities along the way.

Book a massage with Aloha Sepal Massage | Hillsborough NC 27278 (

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist



Jacqueline Muench 

- If you are having any problems clearing up problems that you have with your skin, then Jacqueline Muench is the person who you definitely need to see! I had lived most of my life in Miami Fl and have been to some of the best Dermatologists around, including the late Dr. Frederic Brandt. Living in Fl alone presents numerous challenges for keeping one's skin in it's the best condition, but I was also an avid boater and outdoor girl. Yikes, the havoc I inflicted on my skin!I was so afraid when I moved to this area that I would not be able to find someone who could help me keep up with all the sun damage which I had inflicted on my poor skin - as well as the challenges that occur with dreaded aging skin. No worries, Jacque has you covered! Not only does she use the finest product lines, but she constantly researches and takes her profession very very seriously. I have had facials with Jacque, which are DIVINE - and most recently had 2 Micro-Needling sessions with her. I was AMAZED at the results after just session, and her prices are far more reasonable than other practitioners that I investigated. I have very sensitive skin and was a bit nervous about doing the Micro-Needling. I also found the prices daunting - But Jacque has it covered. She is VERY careful when she initially questions you about your skin and any concerns which you may have. In fact, I had questioned a local Dermatologist about something, as I had read something which was contrary to what she was saying. I wasn't comfortable with her response - and darned if Jacque didn't bring it up even before I asked her. I'm so very happy with my results and plan to continue with Micro-Needling with Jacque. She is kind, fun, professional, knowledgeable, and never attempts to "push" anything. I HIGHLY recommend all of the services she offers. It actually IS a "Blissful Journey" Thank you, Jacque! By the way, her Infrared Sauna is wonderful for getting out all those toxins as well as yummy during the winter!

-Deb K.

- I made an appointment at Blissful Journey on a weekday afternoon for a permanent makeup treatment. I was skeptical about permanent makeup in general but my visit with Jacque was amazing. She was very professional and her attention to detail was exceptional. The results have changed the way I feel about my physical appearance and given me great confidence. I now feel like a rock star and I have received many compliments on my appearance. I couldn't be any more pleased with the outcome. Would I do it again? Without a doubt!!! I highly recommend Jacque and Blissful Journey and wouldn't go anywhere else.

- J. Beane

- I cannot begin to express how happy I have been with the permanent make-up I had applied. It has made my appearance so much better and has saved me time as an added bonus. I guess the test is... would I do it again? The answer is absolute, without hesitation. It has made such a difference in the way I look on the outside, but more importantly, how I feel on the inside."

- M. Riter

- Jacqueline's warm and kind personality made me feel comfortable during my eyeliner procedure. I am living proof of her attention to detail and perfectionism!"

- P. Freeman

- Jacqueline, you're the best, I absolutely love my lip liner!

- J. Santimaw

Lila Kirk 

- Lila Kirk is an excellent massage therapist. She has strong, yet gentle hands and She has a way of making one feel very comfortable. These things make her the best.

- D. Leonard

- I have been blessed to be a client of Lila Kirk, LBMT for 15 years. Lila is a truly gifted massage and bodyworker. Her skilled hands seek out the precise points that need attention. I can affirm that, with my many musculoskeletal issues, I can function on a daily basis with her intervention and care. I often gift certificates to friends who need everything from stress relief or palliative care to healing from muscle spasms and tightness. Being a Physical Therapist, I had high expectations and was seeking a practitioner who could provide bodywork and deep tissue manipulation, and I was looking for a therapist with precisely Lila's skills. Lila is a consummate professional, working to improve her skills and provide exactly what each client needs. I highly recommend allowing yourself the benefit of her healing touch."


-Massages with Lila are always A pleasant experience. Each visit she focuses on my specific need, which may be a relaxing massage or a focus area that needs deeper tissue massage. I feel very comfortable and safe with Lila and I highly recommend her.

-Jane Zilles

-Lila has been my massage therapist for over 12 years and I love her massages! She regularly works out the stress-caused knots in my shoulders and she has helped with my bouts of sciatica and bursitis in my hip. I had some surgery a year ago to repair my foot and Lila has helped with sporadic swelling in that foot. When traveling to other places I have had massages by other practitioners but no one is as good as Lila. She will be my massage therapist until she retires, and then I’ll grieve losing her skilled and compassionate care. Plus she’s just a really nice person!

-Miriam Saxon

-For more than 40 years, I have been getting massage and bodywork done. I can say -- with absolutely no hesitation -- that Lila Kirk is the best-licensed massage and bodywork therapist I have ever had! I have never left a session where I did not physically feel much better; I have never had a night after a massage where I did not sleep like a log. Lila is also kind beyond measure. Whenever I've had an ache or a pain and needed an at-the-last-minute massage, she has always found a way to work me in. She is a jewel and a tremendous asset to Blissful Journeys Day Spa and Salon.


-For more than 40 years, I have been getting massage and bodywork done. I can say -- with absolutely no hesitation -- that Lila Kirk is the best-licensed massage and bodywork therapist I have ever had! I have never left a session where I did not physically feel much better; I have never had a night after a massage where I did not sleep like a log. Lila is also kind beyond measure. Whenever I've had an ache or a pain and needed an at-the-last-minute massage, she has always found a way to work me in. She is a jewel and a tremendous asset to Blissful Journeys Day Spa and Salon.


Faith Kurdi

"Faith gave me the best pedicure, ever. She is meticulous about sanitation, punctual, and an awesomely nice person, She is patient, knowledgeable, and highly professional. Make your appointment today"!

-Liza Scher

My Aunt Faith has given me pedicures on and off for several years. I am 27 yrs old and would never let anyone else touch my feet. I tend to have ingrown toenails and love the therapeutic massage and reflexology. It is so relaxing.

-Jacob Lucia

 “Faith gives the finest pedicures I have received in 64 years of life. Her knowledge and attention to detail, her expert massage, her kind, and thorough manner, all are remarkable. It is always a healing experience to be with Faith!”

-Elizabeth Farrell

Educator and Counselor, September 2020

Having inherited ingrown toenails, Faith has been servicing my feet for 9 years and I can happily say that I do not have painful, puffy, and red toes any longer.

-Barbara Pope

Mebane, NC Retired

I have known Faith for quite a few years she is very thorough at what she does. She has given me manicures but her pedicures are out of this world! Your feet will feel like new when she is finished. If you have a problem with your nails she will nurse them back to health and you will be amazed at what she can accomplish. Once she gives you a pedicure you’ll never go to anyone else. I promise you! I know from experience!

-William Allen

Navy Veteran 78 yrs old

We meet Faith over 3 years ago when she worked at The Blue House in Mebane. We were expecting your everyday run of the mill pedicure but boy were we surprised. Faith was not only professional but meeting her for the first time was like we had known her our whole life. She made us feel comfortable and met all of our needs. She always made sure everything was clean and sanitized at all times. Cleanliness was a plus for her, I've never seen anything like this anywhere else. I would give her a 10 across the board. Go see Faith and I promise you will not be disappointed.

-Stan & Pam

Efland, NC

I met a Faith when she worked at Amazing Grace Salon & Spa in Hillsborough. She has given me many pedicures and I must say she does the best job on my feet. She is professional and does whatever you need to keep your feet healthy. Adults and children ... your healthy feet are her first priority.

-Ginger Bayless

Seamstress, Age 74

The Pedi Lady has a healing touch. I am diabetic and a musician so I have to be on my feet several hours when performing. Faith puts time, love, and care into my feet! When she is finished, my feet feel and look so much better!

-Brian Capell

45 yrs old Musician

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