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Escape – $125

Leave your day behind and experience divine pampering and true results. This package includes a one-hour cleansing facial customized especially for your needs. A soothing hand-arm and neck-shoulder massage to relieve tension stored in muscles. Also included is a 1/2-hour detoxifying back facial. A stimulating back massage is included to relieve tired muscles and flush toxins. A relaxing foot massage is included too! What a healthy way to relieve stress. Just ESCAPE!

Pure Bliss - $115

1 hour facial or massage with the choice of 30-minute foot detox, infrared sauna, or cellulite compression therapy session. 

The Blissful Journey Spa Package - $150

Treat yourself or someone you love to a few hours of bliss. Enjoy our 1-hour customized facial or a 1-hour massage with a half-hour infrared sauna session and a half-hour foot detox! Allow 2-hours for this package. 

Girls Day Out – $350- $500

Have a day of relaxation with your favorite person. Two custom facials and two full-body massages. Allow 2 1/2 hours for this package.

Natures Rhythm - $125

This all-natural 90-minute body treatment is perfect for the individual who always finds themselves caring for others, but takes little or no time to care for themselves. If this describes you, allow yourself to step outside of your busy daily routine and immerse yourself in natures healing powers. You will be pleasantly surprised by the array of all-new natural and organic products that will be used during this full body and facial treatment! Mineral rocks are steeped in organic tea that infuses the skin with antioxidants. A delightful honey exfoliation encourages cellular turnover while softening the skin. We will finish with a detoxifying clay masque to further draw out impurities and tighten facial pores. We encourage you to get into nature's rhythm by relaxing your mind, body, and spirit and feeling the powerful effects of being nurtured on all levels.

Pamper Me - $170

Pamper yourself with a classic spa day! This wonderful combination of a 1 hour facial and 1-hour massage will take all your worries away. Treat your skin and your whole body with our 'Pamper Yourself' special. 

Detoxification Package - $50

Do something for yourself that will also help your health! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the busy schedules that we forget to take care of ourselves and do something relaxing to help our bodies to be as healthy as they can be. We here at Blissful Journey want to remind you how important it is to receive regular Detoxification as part of your preventive lifestyle. Lymphatic Compression therapy along with Ionic foot detox is an effective way to decrease harmful toxins that break down our body's natural defenses and cause disease. Enjoy a 30-minute Cellulite Compression Therapy and 30 minute Foot Detox Session.

Purification Packages:

Our purification program includes the following:

Dry Brush Session - 20 minutes

Lymphatic Compression Therapy - 30 minutes

Infrared Sauna with light therapy session - 45 minutes

Foot Detox - 30 minutes

1 session - $150, save $10

3 sessions- $425, save $25

Massage Therapy Packages

5 half-hour massage sessions for the price of 4 - $200

10 half-hour massage sessions for the price of 8 - $400

5 one hour massage sessions for the price of 4 - $385

10 one hour massage sessions for the price of 8 - $750

5 hour and a half massage sessions for the price of 4 - $590

10 hour and a half massage sessions for the price of 8 - $1180

Prices may vary by therapist

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