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Personalize any service to perfection...

Add on's available for excellent prices!

-Anti Aging Collagen Lip Masque

(Helps plump out fine lines)- $8

-Anti Wrinkle Collagen Eye Masque

(Helps with crow feet and fine lines)-$10

-Chakra BioMat -$15

-Full Body Dry Brush -$20

-ToGo Spa Honey & Arnica Collagen Hydrogel Express Hand Mask -$8

-ToGo Spa Pomegranate & Aloe Collagen Hydrogel Express Hand Mask-$8

-ToGo Spa Eye Mask -$15

-Lymphatic Compression Therapy-$30: 1 hour Session w/ facial

-Aromatherapy- $5-$10

- Salicylic/Glycolic Peel (Acne/Anti-aging Treatment) - $45

-Pumpkin Peel (For deep lines and to even out your skin tone)- $45

-Essential Oil Foot Massage- $15

-Essential Oil Scalp Treatment- $15 

-Moisturizing Deep Heated Mitts for hands or feet (helps soothe dry, cracked skin) - $10-$15

-Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment -$10

-Paraffin Wax Foot Treatment - $15

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