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With Faith Kurdi

***All Electrolysis Services Must Be Purchased Directly Through Faith Kurdi, Gift Cards Temporarily Are Not Accepted.***

Electrolysis is a hair removal method by which a filament or needle is inserted into the unwanted hair follicle. Electricity/current is applied, then removed by forceps/tweezers. (Thermolysis is the recommended treatment for clients with a pacemaker, so only heat is applied and not an electric current.) Most people find electrolysis very tolerable.

Electrolysis may alleviate ingrown hairs. Plucking, waxing, shaving, and threading can cause hairs to be ingrown. Ingrowns grow back into the skin instead of up through the surface of the skin. The above forms or removal may make hairs darker and thicker. Additionally, those methods provide a blood supply to the hair follicles, thus encouraging regrowth and stimulating other hair to grow. Some people are at higher risk for ingrown hairs. For example, people with thick, curly hair tend to develop ingrown hair. This is especially true with pubic hair. When this type of hair is shaved, it is stretched and therefore springs back into the follicle, causing ingrown hairs. Electrolysis does not have these issues, making it a preferred option for some.

Areas that can be treated include back, beard, bikini line, brows, chest, ears, hairline, hands, legs, pubic, toes, underarms, and unibrow.

During a FREE consultation, a health history form will be filled out in detail to assist the electrologist in understanding the needs of the client. Then, in a team effort, an individual treatment schedule will be determined. If the client chooses and time allows, a sample treatment up to 15 minutes at $25 is encouraged. Committing to an individual treatment plan is vital for success.


We accept cash, check, and PayPal for payment.

1 hour: $100

45 minutes: $85

30 minutes: $65

15 minutes: $45

Each time an appointment is missed, another patient may have lost an opportunity for treatment. Please cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment or a fee of $25 may be required.

ALL Infection Control Standards are met and exceed requirements.

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